The first winning encore stage of KEP1ER – the rookie girl group coming out of Mnet’s survival show – draws much attention.

After 10 days of promoting WA DA DA, at M!Countdown aired on January 13, rookie girl group KEP1ER, formed through Mnet’s survival show Girls Planet 999, received their first win for the title trachồng of their debut album.The group defeated Starship’s rookie IVE khổng lồ take home the first music show No. 1 trophy of their career.

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KEP1ER won against IVE lớn get their first win for WA DA DA
KEP1ER’s encore stage at M!Countdown

After several controversies over poor live singing and inappropriate attitude towards seniors of IVE, fans paid more attention khổng lồ KEP1ER‘s encore stage. After being handed the trophy, KEP1ER did not forget khổng lồ bow lớn the 2 MCs who are both their seniors. (G)I-DLE’s Miyeon also gave sầu Yujin a hug to lớn congratulate her. Yujin is a former member of CLC, under CUBE, the same company as Miyeon, so it’s not surprising that the two are cthất bại friends. 

The members bowed khổng lồ the 2 MCs, Miyeon warmly congratulated Yujin

KEP1ER did an excellent job with the live sầu encore. As the group was formed from a survival show, the members have sầu also received vocal training. Despite the fact that it was the first winning stage, the members remained calm & confidently sang trọng the whole tuy nhiên WA DA DA. Although there were still some imperfect high notes, the group was extremely serious when performing the encore stage. They did not use “tricks” such as pretending lớn cry or screaming out fans’ names. This unwittingly increased public criticism of IVE.

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The members completed the encore stage quite well

Netizens highly appreciate KEP1ER‘s encore stage:

The group lịch sự better than I thought, even though the members were touched, they still sang very well.Chaehyun is the best singer among mỏi them. The other members still made mistakes but it’s good that they thanh lịch live sầu và seriously performed on stage.IVE should feel ashamed. Kep1er does much better than them.Although they still have many shortcomings in singing skills, at least they bowed to lớn the MCs & performed the entire song without skipping high notes. Not lượt thích a recently hot rookie…

Kep1er members’ body toàn thân proportions attract great attention

Wonyoung’s (IVE) old clip of pushing her teammates by hands is brought up

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